Rachel McAdams Steps Out With A New Guy

Rachel McAdams Steps Out With A New Guy

The Notebook star takes her romance with Michael Sheen public.

Rumors have been circulating that Rachel McAdams is totally over her ex, Josh Lucas and is dating Welsh actor, Michael Sheen. But now it looks like the two are officially an item after the couple was photographed holding hands and acting all cute. (And we all know that once the paparazzi catch you canoodling on camera, you're not only official, but you'll probably be "engaged and preggers" in a week too.) 

Sheen and McAdams co-star in the new film, Midnight in Paris, which premiered last month at the Toronto Film Festival, and their relationship reportedly began on the film's set. Further fueling speculation about the two, at a recent after-party for one of Sheen's other new films, sources said the co-stars were "glued to one another" and "engaged in intense conversation for hours".

Although neither party has confirmed anything, and McAdams is notoriously private, especially when it comes to her love life, Sheen said in an interview that McAdams is "a genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented so, you know, she's got it all going on there." Sounds like someone's got the love bug—bad!

So who exactly is this Michael Sheen character and what does the Wedding Crashers' star see in him? Well, let us start by mentioning that Sheen is an older (41 to be exact) man with an accent, which probably doesn't hurt. And he's no stranger to gorgeous actresses. Kate Beckinsale happens to be his ex, and the two have an 11-year-old daughter together. Oui, Y’all: Why Accents Are So Attractive

Now as dashing as Mr. Sheen appears, we still can't get over Rachel's split with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Gosling (aka Noah from the Notebook). So even though Karma is going to get us for this one, we're hoping this new relationship with Sheen falters, and Rachel finds herself in Ryan's arms once again. Rachel McAdams Thinks Ryan Gosling Is Awesome

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