Are Women Tricking Men Into Paying Child Support?


Are Women Tricking Men Into Paying Child Support?

Caroline Caskey, of Identigene, a DNA testing company in Houston, has stated that in about 30% of the paternity tests the presumed father turns out to be not the biological father.    

Many states are currently in process of passing and amending statutes aimed at helping duped dads contest unjust child support payments after a relationship breakup or divorce.     


Clearly, this is a lose-lose situation for both the child and the duped dad.  If child support orders are immediately dropped once paternity is disestablished, where does that leave the child in question? It could take years for the courts hunt down the true biological dad.  

We understand that many of our BounceBack members are dealing with serious and emotionally challenging child support and custody issues, and we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to shedding light on these hot-button topics being debated across the nation.  

Now it’s your turn.  Do you think the courts and child support enforcement agencies unfairly favor women?   Or, is Child Support Enforcement justified in keeping “duped dads” bound to their legal child support obligations?  Let us know where you stand!


Jennifer is a NY based talk show producer and writer. 

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