A Brief History Of Dating - Through The Decades


The concept of casual dating, hooking up, and all that jazz becomes more common. Gender roles get more confused. Men and women have less expectations to live up to for their gender. The divorce rate levels off.

The 90s hit, and everyone’s confused. No one knows if they’re just hooking up or in a serious relationship. Moreover, no one knows what to do on dates anymore. The liberation of half the world’s population has doomed society with an omni-present confusion; Who should offer to pay for the bill?


With the arrival of the new millennium, internet dating has become all the rage. Casual dating takes on a whole new meaning. Marriage is quite present, the median age for women as of 2007 is 26, and 27.7 for men. The divorce rate remains between 40% and 50%.

Where will the 2010s take us? 


Monique is a writer and recent college graduate transitioning to the working world. She currently resides in New York and can be contacted at zamirmon@gmail.com.