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Ok. I guess I should write something here. Well I found this site by my typical fed up random searches of questions out of shear annoyance. Lets see, I found this site asking why I shouldn't just hate women. Not that I want to hate women, because if anything I have a lot of respect for women. Maybe that should be had. I don't know myself anymore. I am a good guy. I've been told I am very gentlemany. I'm smart (I'm an Oxford graduate, for cryingout loud), and I can be sweet and I have collected a group of good female friends (I couldn't posibly hate them). Who I talk to reguarly and ask for their help with women. I can't understand why I have always been single. No one seems to try with me, or they do for a little while till someone else comes along. I know I'm not the fittest man in the world but I can't see why I am constantly over looked. I don't believe women are so shallow, but it does seem to me that they do asign a mans value based on his looks. I can get talking to women and have a good rapour with them, only to be compleatly ingored when a guy with muscles coming out his ears walks into the room. I am begining to think that for women a boyfriend is a more a status symbol, just another piece of jewelry that they can wear on their arm and make themsleves look good. I really give up. I'm constantly told by my female friends that one day I will meet the one that will never see any other man as better than me. Sorry, but that's just too nieve. It's ok for them to believe that but they have boyfriends, so it makes no diffrence. As for me I guess I will forever be single and growing more and more cynical.


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