The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading


The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading
Contrary to popular belief, married couples don't have a 50 percent chance of getting divorced.

So, yes, divorce still happens, but it's not nearly as common as we've come to believe. The trouble is, it's hard to find that golden divorce stat that we all really want: if I get married, what are the chances I'll get divorced? Some reports track the number of divorces each year, as the CDC has done. Others track the number of divorces in proportion to marriages during a certain time period. And others still evaluate random factors like the genders of kids and your yearbook photos. Tracking divorce comes down to a mishmash of wildly varied record-keeping, evaluation methods and, as with most human stats, inaccurate reporting. So, while this CDC number isn't the divorce statistic, it's certainly one to recognize. 

"Till death do us part" ain't easy, but it's no reason to shy away from the challenge or throw in the towel. As the most recent data proves, divorce is not inevitable and marriages can and do work. Plus, studies shows that couples who do stick together—for better or for worse—are happier and healthier. 7 Surprising Facts About The New American Family


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