The Many Loves Of Tony Curtis


Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe
Sexy silver screen star Tony Curtis loved women, and they loved him.

Tony married three more times, to B-movie actress Andria Savio (1983–1992), lawyer Lisa Deutsch (1993–1994) and horse trainer Jill Vandenburg, his wife from 1998 until his death. Like many of his loves, last wife Jill was considerably younger (42 years, to be exact) than Tony. But what could we expect from the man who once quipped, "I wouldn't be seen dead with a woman old enough to be my wife!" 10 More Old Hollywood Hotties We Miss

"All through my life I wanted to conquer every woman I met. And I've been very lucky...I was falling in love every day. I am completely in love with women. Every woman...They say I've had a thousand women. I don't know about that. But I do know what was so important wasn't just the physical aspect; it was the intimacy." — Tony Curtis (1925–2010)


Sources: The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Internet Movie Database. Photo: Still from Some Like It Hot, MPTV/LFI.

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