Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands


Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands
Plus polygamy, The Secret and do nice guys finish last?

The crew at LoveInTheDumps has done a little back-of-the-envelope men-and-ladies-are-different mathematics. It turns out that men are FAR more willing to overlook unfavorable empathy and intelligence if a potential mate is hot and a good sex-er. Their sample size may have only been three BUT the graphics make up for the small control group. Female Vs Male Brain: Is There A Difference?

And maybe women are more accepting of mildly bad bed performance because of the existence of acceptable lady sex toys. According to The Frisky, even the Wii can be used as a self-pleasuring device whereas men still have to make do with a high-speed internet connection and a lotioned hand.


And, over at Mom Logic, one logical momma makes a plea for the idea that a woman, in THIS economy, may be better off multiple husbands than a man with multiple wives. She even has an idea for what the four men can do for her.

And, finally, this October YourTango's expert network has 31 ways to make your sex life hum. Get It On. Join YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge This October

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