Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands


Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands
Plus polygamy, The Secret and do nice guys finish last?

Jebus, it's already October. Well, with that as prologue let's get into the best the internuts have to offer in the love and relationships milieu.

The youngsters at College Candy have an info-graphic thinger on the worst 11 places to take a date. Somehow they missed Clown College. Bad Date? These 10 Were Probably Worse


The crew at Glo have another great list: ten ways to jumpstart your heart (not literally, for that you need a defribrillator). Reignite away!

And rounding up the great lists of the week: Guyism has seven ways NOT to pick up a chick at the bar. I have to disagree with one of them: saying, "I was hoping to lure you back to my secret lair" in a Dr. Evil voice worked for me once. So, ladies love the man, make light of the terrible technique.

Lemondrop has a resident dude (like me but NOT like me) and he's trying to use The Secret to score chicks. Before asking for help from the universe, it might be a good idea to make sure you're not doing any of the seven NON pickup moves from Guyism.

Em & Lo ( asks their man panel why guys deny masturbating. I think we only deny self-abuse when we're on the phone with you and it's a very intense, make-or-break conversation and you ask us if we're doing currently, as-we-speak self-gratification. We'll deny playing video games and drinking Budweiser at that time too.

My pal Simone Grant explores the idea that "nice guys finish last" and not in a David Mamet sort of way but how a chick would think. I've heard Usain Bolt is a pretty nice guy so the answer is "eh, generally."

And maybe the nice guy is at fault for this trend: the end of the first date kiss. Betty Confidential says that the first date kiss isn't as prevalent as once thought. Yikes, I thought the youngsters were up to first date frontal, lower abdomen massage, maybe this is progress.

Speaking of getting screwed, according to Asylum people are more likely to watch porn after their candidate WINS an election. Color me surprised (it's between Pink and salmon).

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