50 Crazy & Creative Couples Halloween Costumes


50 Couples Halloween Costumes
From the spookiest to the funniest, here are 50 of our favorites.

Plus-Sized Costumes

Greek Goddess & Greek God
couples halloween costumes
Accentuate your curves by celebrating what those brilliant Greeks knew — a woman's body is a thing of beauty! You don't even need to leave your house — just drape one (or two if you want a more complex look) of your bed sheets around your body. Your partner can also drape a toga around himself. Strap some sandals on your feet and laurel wreaths on your heads (a crown of fake craft-shop leaves will do), and get ready to channel your inner Zeus and Hera. Gold jewelry, dramatic eye-make-up and bangles (for you, not him!) will make this costume even more sophisticated.

Pin-up Girl & Photographer
couples halloween costumes

Talk about showing off your best assets! For the more daring curvy lady, you'll be able to make a simple dress into a WOW moment by adding a belt, your favorite high-heels and a bright red lip to pack a punch. Don't skimp on your make-up or hair! Spend a girly-night in and watch YouTube videos on how to pull off pin curls and cat-eye makeup that'll have you feeling sexy all night. Your shutterbug man can dress all in black (he's a brooding artist, after all) with a pro-quality camera around his neck.

1920's Flapper & Gangster
couples halloween costumes
The flapper outfit is one of the sexiest, most fun costumes around. The dress, with its layers and fringe, is very flattering on a plus-size frame because of the way the tiered fabric moves and shimmies. And don't just go for black — finding a dress in your favorite color will make you stand out even more! High heels, feather in your hair and long black gloves tie the look together, and don't forget your martini glass! For your man, a black or pin-striped suit, fedora (with slicked-back hair beneath) and cigar will complete his look.

Gypsies: Fortune Teller & Pirate
couples halloween costumes
Let your mystical, magical and seductive self shine by portraying a busty and lusty seer of the future! For this outfit, you'll need a long hippy-ish skirt, white billowy top, a scarf to wrap around your waist ... and for the fun part ... all the jewelry you can possibly wear! Make sure your makeup is smoky and sexy and as for your crystal ball, take a quick trip to a craft store, pickup a foam ball and wrap reflective or translucent material around it. Or maybe you're more of a tarot cards gal and want to bedazzle and entertain the crowd all night with your visions of the future. Your partner will need a scarf to tie around his head, an eye patch, torn up tunic and slacks, worn-out boots, a sash to tie around his waist and a prop sword to finish off his swashbuckling look. Want to add a bit of humor? Prop a faux parrot on his shoulder!

Don't forget to share your couples costume ideas with us in our Couples' Halloween Costume Contest! Submitting a photo of you and your significant other decked out in your spookiest, coolest or most creative costumes to our slideshow could win you both a romantic fall getaway!


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