50 Crazy & Creative Couples Halloween Costumes


50 Couples Halloween Costumes
One easy duo get-up? Adam and Eve! Photo credit: Flickr
From the spookiest to the funniest, here are 50 of our favorites.

Cute & Clever

Tree & Koala
couples halloween costumes
Tree: Brown pants, brown shirt, leaves made of green cardboard or fabric, pinned to your clothes.
Koala: Gray pants, gray shirt, gray face paint with a black oval around your nose. Remember to give the tree plenty of hugs, so people can see you in your "natural" habitat.

Adam & Eve
couples halloween costumes
For the brave couple.
Both: Cut large leaves out of green construction paper or green fabric. Go as nude as you're comfortable with and strategically pin or tape the leaves to your garments. If you fear you'll be cold, purchase flesh colored leggings and long-sleeve tops to go under the leaves. Bonus: Carry around a sack of apples and offer them to people.
Adam: Apple in hand (or pocket).
Eve: Wear a rubber toy snake around your neck.

Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe
couples halloween costumes
Andy: Black turtleneck, round sunglasses and white hair. Really committed folks can bleach their hair, others can wear a white wig or buy white hair spray.
Marilyn: Pale Pink foundation, aqua eye shadow, crimson lipstick, yellow wig or hair spray, a la the famous pop-art portrait Warhol created of Marilyn after her suicide. Wear a white or black halter-top dress, like this one from American Apparel, which can be styled several ways.

Hot Dog & Bun
Hot dog: Brown shirt, brown pants, brown toboggan hat, brown shoes. Use red and yellow fabric paint to draw squiggly ketchup and mustard lines vertically up and down your body. Bonus: Glue on small squares of white cardboard to simulate chopped onions.
Bun: Cheap foam mattress pad with holes cut out for your arms.

Goldilocks & Bear
couples halloween costumes
Goldilocks: Blond wig with a bow. Blue, yellow or pink peasant dress of any kind. Apron. White ankle socks and Mary Janes. Bonus: Carry a spoon.
Bear: Brown clothes, bear ears (homemade or store-bought). Bonus: Paint your face brown and color your nose black.

Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf
couples halloween costumes
Little Red: Red-hooded cloak or red-hooded sweatshirt, rosy cheeks, curly pigtails, stockings, pinafore.
Wolf: Furry, pointed ears, fangs, gray or brown face paint, furry tail. Or, simply, wear a Wolf Blitzer T-shirt.

Artist & Painting
couples halloween costumes
Artist: Paint-splattered clothes (overalls if you're going modern or a black cape if you're going old-fashioned), painting palate (can be real, or made from cardboard), paint brush.
Painting: Take a large, rectangular cardboard box and cut a rectangle out of one side, so there's about two inches of cardboard left around the edges. Then put the box over your head so you're looking out of the hole you just cut—you're suddenly inside a frame. The painting can dress up like a famous painting (think Mona Lisa or Girl With A Pearl Earring) or be an original work of art.


Sexy Lady Frankenstein & Doctor Frankenstein
couples halloween costumes
Doctor Frankenstein: A white lab coat, disheveled hair, plus a stethoscope, lab goggles, gloves or any other medical instruments you can round up. Bonus: Spattered blood on the lab coat.
Sexy Lady F: Green face paint from forehead to cleavage, black lipstick and fake stitches on your forehead. (Your brain was just replaced, after all.) Wear an oversized blazer over a sexy little black dress. Bonus: Black fingernail polish, green stockings, a white streak in your hair, using a white or gray hair extension or white hair spray.

Vampire & Victim
couples halloween costumes
Vampire: Fangs, pale or white makeup on all exposed skin (optional: shimmer a la Twilight), crimson lipstick, black eyeliner. Black blazer for the hipsters, black cape for traditionalists, red button-up shirt, black pants, black shoes.
Victim: Torn shirt, fake blood and bite marks on your neck, disheveled hair, red lips and flushed cheeks. For those who doesn't like costumes, wear normal clothes and just add a spot of blood on your neck. How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

Devil & Angel
couples halloween costumes
Devil: Red and black clothes (black pants, black button-up and red vest for a man; red skirt, shirt and black or red tights for a woman), black shoes, red lipstick, devil ears. Bonus: Carry a pitchfork (store-bought or made from cardboard). Pin a pointy tail to your butt.
Angel: White clothes (white dress and tights for a woman, white suit for a man), white gloves, wings (store-bought, unless you're ambitious and/or artistic), halo (same).

Gravedigger & Ghost
couples halloween costumes
Grave digger: Black pants and shirt, dirty hands and face, shovel.
Ghost: White clothing, pale makeup and dark eyes. Alternate: Drape a white sheet over your head and belt it at your waist so it reveals your shape. Cut holes for your eyes.

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