High Class Escorts: Trashy Or Classy?

High Class Escorts: Trashy Or Classy?

Escorts can get us into all kinds of trouble. We see them in the news ALL the time. From Elliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods,
they have been all over the news and gotten men into all kinds of
trouble. That’s why I personally think they are trashy and NOT classy.
If you’re thinking about cheating,
you’re much better off picking a girl from your office or one that you
know wont cause so much drama in your life and wreck your marriage or
relationship. More often than not these escorts build up a reputation on
sleeping with powerful men and then selling them out to the media. If
you are single and can afford a high-class escort then by all means go
for it, but if you’re a wealthy male, stay away. They will always try
and sell you out to the tabloids or to the press in order to score a
quick buck, and after all can you really blame them? A lot of people pay
for sex, which pending on where you are in the country may or may not
be legal, but if it isn’t, then youd better tread carefully. They have
made a successful career of bedding wealthy individuals and not thinking
twice about it when it came to selling them out. It seems to be that
the guys who use high class escorts are looking for the thrill and
almost want to be found out because the mistakes they make are
ridiculous (paying with a credit card?!) and they want to be found out.
These women seem incapable of having silent affair and in the end you
will be found out. If you are thinking about cheating I say ditch them and settle for someone less high profile or do a very good job of covering your tracks.

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