The Day My Gay BFF And I Became Lovers


The Day My Gay BFF And I Became Lovers
The story of one girl's hot and heavy affair with a flamboyantly gay man.

Bored one summer in the early 2000s, my best friend Allie suggested we take a road trip. She also suggested that our friend Lane come. Lane, in my memory, was a very gay raver-type who moved back in with his far away family a few months before to save money. We had been pals but not super close, but I remember loving his wit and his silly, sparkly style. lemondrop: When Making New Friends Feels a Lot Like Dating

So imagine my surprise when we met up with him to talk about our road trip and he was suddenly covered in tattoos, and looking more punk rock tough than raver girlie. He looked like a badass straight guy, and one you that would totally defend your honor in a bar. He complimented my platinum hair, and—even though that's pretty standard for a gay boyfriend—something about the way he said it alerted my flirt antenna. The idea was so ridiculous that I couldn't even ask Allie if she thought Lane was flirting with me. And yet... lemondrop: When Flirting Goes Too Far


Written by Beth Brennan for lemondrop.

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