One Man, 4 Wives: Are The Sister Wives Happy?


man playing footsie two women polygamy
4 women, 1 husband, no problem! TLC's new reality show celebrates polygamy.

While the anecdotes about the wives' relationship with their children sounds all fine and dandy, we're still unsure how they share Kody. Media guru Bonnie Fuller called Kody the "country's biggest con man and bad dad" while blasting the wives for their low self-esteem. Why share a guy when you can have one all to yourself? And why settle for another woman to help you raise a child because your "husband" is too busy romancing a fourth wife? Sure, the Sister Wives claim to have made things work with each other, but don't they ever wish they were a man's one-and-only?

Fuller makes a good point about Kody. At this rate, he seems to function as a figurehead within the family, and the women appear more interested in being on the "wives team" than in building a closer relationship with him. Kody claims to not be a sketchy guy, that much I suppose we'll buy. But we don't know if it's possible to satisfy four women equally.


"I'm a polygamist," Kody told AOL. "But I'm not the polygamist you think I am."

What do you think? Are the sister wives selling themselves short?


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