3 Key Online Dating Lessons From 'Catfish'


catfish movie
A new film can teach you a thing or two about online, long-distance dating.

3. Long-distance, online dating isn't always a bad idea
To be fair, you'll never really know how deep anything goes unless you do a bit of leaping—a bit of living (within reason, obviously). Some viewers may walk away from Catfish with the misconception that long-distance, online love is never worth it—but there are exceptions to every rule. Case in point: 4 Dating Tips From Couple Who Met On Facebook Game

Can you BBM your lover sweet and playful jokes? Sure. Can you whisper sweet nothings over a phone? Sure. Can you admire his face on a jpeg? Sure. Can you romantically "sext" each other? Sure. Can cybersex be satisfying? Sure.

Can this work? Certainly. Everyone has a way of loving; some can handle distance—some can't. It depends on you—and on whether or not you know who you're dealing with. How To Make Long-Distance Love Work