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A Love Triangle Turned Lethal


A rivalry may have led to a 17,000-foot parachuting accident.

Do you remember that kooky astronaut* who used a diaper, a few forties of Red Bull and some duct tape to take on her rival in a spacey love triangle? Yeah, that space case was a real laugher compared to a recent murder trial in Belgium. Ex-Astronaut: I Wanted to Clear Up Love Triangle

The land of chocolate and JCVD recently played host to a really bad skydiving "accident." According to Reuters, a woman went skydiving with her dude, her dude's male buddy, and a rival for her dude's affections and wound up crashing into a garden some 17,000 feet below. The rival, one Els Clottemans, maintains her innocence and claims that the victim was someone she considered a friend. The prosecution claims she has mental issues and that the sabotage could easily have been committed by an experienced skydiver in 30 seconds with a pair of scissors and a bad attitude.

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Taking a step back, the focal point of the love triangle, a Dutchman named Marcel Somers, was said to have been entertaining both women in an on-off fashion. The prosecution claims that Clottemans—who may have several psychological disorders—wanted the Netherlander to herself. Not to suggest that skydivers aren't a very conscientious and safety-minded community, but having the other woman (or the main woman if you're the other woman) pack your 'chute is a bit of a mistake. I believe we all saw the films Terminal Velocity and Drop Zone, and know that anything can happen out there when egos are flying high.

*Note: Has anyone ever called her an astro-nut? N'yuk n'yuk.

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