I Became Catholic For Love


One woman converts to Catholicism to connect with her husband.

To some people it might not seem like a big deal, but for me it was incredibly important that we could share that together on our wedding day. I chose to convert because Matt never asked me to, never pressured me, and never assumed that I would do it for him. His faith is something that’s important to him. It’s the touchstone for his family. For my in-laws, their religion is a way to stay centered as a family unit. I really love that. Matt’s faith is also what, in part, got him through his 15 month deployment in Iraq. He had a number of close calls while he was there and wasn’t sure that he’d make it home, but his unwavering faith and his prayers along with everyone at home who was praying for him got him through Iraq unscathed.

It seemed unfair to ask him to marry in a church that I had no significant ties to when his religion was such an important part of his life. So after six months of once-weekly classes at the church and some soul-searching to determine if this was really what I wanted to do, I became Catholic at Easter Vigil this year. I was sick as a dog, but I wouldn’t have missed that night for anything. My family and Matt’s family supported my decision and they all came to celebrate with us. While I love my Armenian heritage, I didn’t understand the faith. With the Catholic Church, I can appreciate the mass and all the rituals. And beyond that, sharing a faith brings me and my husband closer together in our marriage. Kneeling at the altar on our wedding day was all the more meaningful for us. I had gone from being the girl who was wandering spiritually, trying to find something to hang on to, to the woman who had made a life choice for the man she loves.