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Jenny McCarthy Talks Jim Carrey With Oprah


Jenny McCarthy reveals the real reason why she and the Jim Carrey broke up.

If anyone can get you to talk it's Oprah, and if anybody can get you to laugh it's Jim Carrey. So when Jenny McCarthy confesses to the talk show God that her and Jim's relationship ended because it "wasn't fun anymore" that is serious. It's hard to imagine being with the man who brought Fire Marshall Bill, Ace Ventura and the Mask to life without it being fun. It seems a good sign as any that it is time to part ways. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

The couple amicably split last April after dating since early 2007, although it was said that Jenny did the dumping. During her Oprah visit, which airs today, the mother, actress, and former playboy model discusses life with the superstar comedian and her new book Love, Lust and Faking It. Did Jenny McCarthy Leave Jim Carrey Over Drugs?

Jenny seems poised and confident while she says that especially this year she knows who she is, calling herself a "warrior mom." We are happy for her, even though we secretly wish the former funny couple would start making each other laugh once again. It seems Oprah might be on our side as well, as she asked if there is any chance of them getting back together, to which Jenny (despite rumors of a reunion) said she hasn't even thought about it. Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Are Working It Out   

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