These Days, All You Need Isn't Love



By Caitlin Goldberg, BounceBack Editorial Staff 

We find it curious that we expect so many things from the “one” person in our lives. We can pass through countless changes and stages of life. But somehow it’s so easy to ignore the fact that as our brains change, so do our partners’. Anyone who’s been through a divorce or relationship breakup has surely done research or at least contemplated the idea that the person they’re parting ways with surely couldn’t be the same person they fell in love with…


The fact is, your ex isn’t the same person you fell in love with - especially not if you met them in your early 20’s. As Robin Marantz Henig discusses in her New York Times Article, What Is It About 20-Somethings? our brains are still physically changing until we’re in our mid-twenties. She says a National Institute of Mental Health study that followed nearly 5,000 children, ages 3 to 16, found the children’s brains were not fully mature until at least 25. The most significant changes took place in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum, the regions involved in emotional control and higher-order cognitive function.

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