How We Made Our Careers More Kid-Friendly


working on laptop with kids in background
Why I planned my career around a yet-to-be-conceived child.

1. We had a serious talk early on about how we envisioned our future as a family: how we would bring in the bucks; how we'd handle child care; how we'd maintain career satisfaction; etc.

2. We clarified our career goals, and mapped out the steps necessary to achieve them.


3. We allowed room for compromise, and contingency plans.

4. We tried really hard to engage in reflective listening exercises every time we felt close to either snap-decision divorce or homicide.

5. We worked our asses off.

BONUS: We also worked really hard to keep our relationship a higher priority than our careers. This was hard, but even just making the effort helped. How Drinking Saved Our Marriage

Now we're just waiting for the whole babymaking thing to work, at which point we'll undoubtedly make even more adjustments to both our schedules and our careers. In the meantime, for all those mothers who openly laugh at me when when I tell them I plan on being a WAHM:

Yeah. Point taken.

How have you taken steps to more efficiently juggle work, family and relationship? And does the idea of any sort of efficiency when it comes to working and parenting make you snort?

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