Is Your Man Too Girly?


man primping in front of mirror
What toolbox? Your guy's favorite tool may be his tweezers. Do men today have too many girly habits?

"Women appreciate a man who respects himself, and one way to convey that is through your appearance. Today manicures, grooming, fashion, and shoes ooze masculinity the way that a worn set of hands did for our grandfathers." His beauty ritual: a haircut and eyebrow wax every three weeks, a mani-pedi every two weeks, a facial and massage every month, and manscaping a couple of times a week. And his last home project?

"Yesterday I used Drano to unclog my bathroom sink and bathtub. That's about how handy I am." He’s not apologizing for it though, saying that, "Women today don't really care what a man does with his hands... unless, of course, it involves holding a woman.”


Ladies, do you agree? Would you rather your guy skipped his manicure in favor of getting his hands a little dirty? Tell us in the comments!

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