Best Of The Web: More Red Flags & Going On Strike


Best Of The Web: More Red Flags & Going On Strike
And being the fun girlfriend and being sexy without trying.

Well, dammit, the summer is officially over. Sure football season is in-effect and I'll probably stop sweating non-stop but I've had to retire my white linen pants and tiny bikinis are basically out. Harrumph. Well here's the best stuff going down on the old ‘net:

First off, at the home office, starting on October 1 we have a 31-day challenge to improve your sex life. Everyday a tip from our YourTango Experts. Fingers crossed that Halloween will involve costumes. Join YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge This October


Evidently, not everyone needs a sex challenge, our lil homies at College Candy have a lil somethin' about which colleges are in America's most sexually satisfied cities. I suppose I could work on a PhD in Getting Crunk at Bulter. Hmm. And The Most Romantic City In America Is...

And while we're still talking about college chicks, the lads at Asylum tell us about a study that declares drunk girls kiss for boys' attention. It doesn't make it clear if the boys are drunk too or why Joe Francis gets to be a multi-millionaire. Where The Boys Aren't. A Secret Lesbian Town?

And now, as they say on Monty Python, for something completely different. My pals Em & Lo ( have some tough love for a lady that needs to pull the plug on a crummy relationship. Great advice for when to end it.

Sometimes you have to end it before it really gets started. David Wygant writing for the Huffington Post has a few first date pointers for getting a really good idea of what you're getting yourself into and extricating yourself as quickly as you see some red flags. Let's not mistake quirks for major personality flaws, ladies.

Occasionally, before you can get to a first date things swing hard into the inescapable friend zone. Lemondrop has the 411 on what to do with this terrible internment camp and how to try to tunnel your way out.

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