Six Stereotypes That Could Harm Your Dating Life


Six Stereotypes That Could Harm Your Dating Life

By Monique Zamir, Editorial Staff


You’re out with the guys at a bar when a girl approaches you and starts flirting. She gets your number, but you can’t help feeling a bit off-put that she was the one that made the first move, and not you.

Let’s reverse this situation. You’re out with the girls and there’s a guy you see that you really dig, but you’re too nervous to approach him. You’re never sure about the conventions of approaching guys you’re attracted to, so you decide to just give him subtle cues until he actually approaches you.

Both of these situations are centered on general stereotypes regarding men or women and dating conventions. The one represented in these examples is pretty obvious; men always make the first move. We’re here to look at this and other stereotypes and see how true they really are. We’ve pulled together three stereotypes for men and three for women, each male stereotype reflects each female stereotype.

Stereotype One

Men: Men make the first move and that’s the way they want it. 
I’ve read enough female-oriented magazines to know that this isn’t true. But really, we live in an age where there are constantly changing power dynamics and social structures. We are eliminating hierarchies based on gender, race, religion, etc. Following rules like this isn’t moving anyone forward, especially not you. Men that are still turned off by women that approach them either need to reevaluate their selves or will be left in the dust.