The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms


The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms
Plus the walk of shame and secrets to a happy marriage.

Holy moly. My dear pal (and colleague) Melanie Gorman has a great piece on Huffington Post about the 12 secrets (not secret no more) to a happy marriage from the Smart Marriages conference. She manages not to throw out any Cosbyism like "obey the woman, son" and "flizzism flazzism pudding pop." Happier Marriage: Ten Tips for Creating the Marriage of your Dreams

And the hits keep coming. Glo, in conjunction with the new fall TV show Undercovers, has a great interactive quiz to help you and your sig oth figure out which dynamic duo you are. Just pray you don't land on Sid and Nancy, suge.


And then comes the cheatin'. According to MomLogic, with the summer over and back-to-school in the rearview, there's more opportunity for stay-at-home parents to cheat it up. Cripes, everything keeps coming back to that movie/book/phenomenon Little Children. There are shenanigans in them there suburbs. Why One Dad Embraced A Reversal Of Gender Roles

Speaking of she-nay-nays, Asylum wants to know if a sex tape could revive/maximize/start your career, would you consider it? That would have to be one heck of a leap of faith, right? 

And speaking of boning on camera, Susannah Breslin has a really nice piece on the sometimes sad, sometimes exciting, always weird world of male porn stars for the Good Men Project. Great read and nary a mention of fluffers or silicone injections right to the wiener.

And, finally, along the same vein as sexy men (heh)… Lemondrop has it on science that older men now are better looking than ever before. Maybe it's exercise science and maybe there was never a George Clooney before. Hmmm?

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