The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms


The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms
Plus the walk of shame and secrets to a happy marriage.

If you're Jewish, do your best to enjoy and atone this weekend. If you're not Jewish, just do your best to enjoy week 2 of the NFL and the third-ish week of college football. I'm headed for Auburn, Alabama to see the Clemson Tigers lock paws with the Auburn Tigers. Should be exhilarating. Without further ado… THE LINKS!

Over at Em & Lo ( a woman worries that she put out a little too early. Find out what the gurus have to say. I say as long as you managed to get each other's name, it's not an irreversible mistake. How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More


Too early? Hah! Own your one-night stands, gang. College Candy says turn that walk of shame into a walk of pride. I say, if your shirt is covered with booze borrow the one he got from that Fun Run he forgot to do. And for Pete's sake, if your handbag is too small for your brassiere and underdrawers, feel free to borrow a small bag from him.

And what happens when a nice one-nighter turns into something more serious? Well, say goodbye to your two best friends and I don't mean your pals in the Winnebago. According to The Frisky (and they found the research online), a woman can expect to lose two close friends when she starts a new, serious relationship. We call that couples skating in these parts and we don't take kindly to it.

And then you move in together. My buddy Lost Plum (I call her "Lost" like some people call Weird Al "Weird") has some gripes about moving in with a guy… mostly when sharing a bathroom. Personally, I always forget the seat thing but I also leave cabinets open. A lesson in hackneyed stereotypes, a lesson in the plain truth, or a lesson in both? Sharing a Bathroom? Cohabitation Tips

And then you get engaged. My bros over at The Plunge have 10-year timeline of a guy destined for marriage. Very funny stuff. They missed the part about making six months worth of jokes that insinuate you can take the engagement ring back whenever you feel like it…

Part of the wedding run-up involves (typically) a bachelor party and the likelihood that one of your buddies is going to fall in love with a stripper. The combination of booze, hormones, Enormay and brass polish is a vicious cocktail, Leftos has advice for what to do when you're in love with a stripper yo.

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