Too Many Men Think Tight Jeans Ask For Harassment


woman butt tight jeans man hand in pocket
Did sports reporter Ines Sainz' jeans ask for harassment? A Fox analyst and Asylum readers think so.

In a perfect world, we would be able to walk outside without hearing catcalls. I lived in New York City during my college years and was surprised at how commonplace it was to be harassed in public. It didn't make a difference whether I was wearing gym clothes, a suit, skinny jeans or a baggy sweater. Some days, it seemed like I could barely go to the grocery store without hearing an inappropriate comment. The media may depict Sainz as an attention-monger, but I can't agree. Catcalls are not flattering. They make you feel as if you're a piece of meat, as if you belong indoors instead of out in the world.

It's 2010. Women should no longer be shamed into feeling as if it's their responsibility to keep boys from acting like boys. Men may be wired for visual stimulation, but they are also equipped with the capacity for tact and self-control, which should dictate that they express appreciation for beauty without cheapening it.

Should women expect to be mistreated when they wear tight clothing? How do you respond to catcalling? 

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