No Masturbation? What A Boring Tea Party


woman with short skirt holding bag that says vote
Christine O'Donnell has some questionable sexual politics.

Sure. It's possible that a guy who gets to know himself six to eight times per day may be more interested in playing Halo than dating. But the average dude has enough gas in the tank to go a few times a week and still have enough spring in his step to go after the gals.

I don't know anything about Christine O'Donnell's politics. The media has more or less distilled her candidacy to a Sarah Palin endorsement and sexual ultra-conservatism. And, frankly, I don't know much more about the Tea Party except what the media has intimated. Sure, they're pro American and con taxation (I suppose they have that in common with their namesake) but, beyond that, what are they really about? I think I've been confusing them with the Libertarians this whole time.


Do you think that Ms. O'Donnell would lose her mind if she heard that the Tera Patrick Fleshlight existed? Does anyone have a good idea of what her platform is? Could you vote for someone who honestly believed masturbation was bad? 

The infamous video: