The Minivan: Loser Cruiser or Swagger Wagon?


How one woman's upgrade to minivan affects her sense of self.

When I became a mom, my lifestyle changed in some serious ways. But the part of me that was just me, and not someone's mom? That part of me didn't change all that much. It still liked to feel pretty, interesting and—yeah—cool.

It's the part of me that will go naked before I buy a pair of high-waisted Mom jeans. And it's the part of me that still longs for the days when getting out the door meant checking my hair and my panty line, not the diaper bag. How To Be A Mother, A Wife—And Yourself


It's this part of me that also resisted the van. Vehemently.

As a parent, you have to be responsible. For me, being responsible meant that I had to swallow my pride and accept the mini-van with a grateful smile. Because my husband had a point. The kids are now much more comfortable in my new mini-van, and I know that as they get closer to the age where they, too, crave personal space, this will save us a lot of sanity.

And did I mention it has a dropdown DVD player? The temporary quiet this brings is enough to have me whistling Disney.

I'll admit, I cringed the first time I pulled into the parking lot of a social gathering. And I'm pretty sure some of my friends snickered. Fast Cars Make Dudes Manlier

I'm not totally at peace with being a mini-van mom yet, but I'm working on it. But I swear, if you ever see me in mom jeans, please, please, stage an intervention.

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