Thinking About Cheating? Read This First.


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If infidelity is calling to you, try these steps to avoid cheating.

4. You're a thrill seeker. Do you find yourself taking dangerous risks in other areas of your life? The potential disaster that an affair can cause might actually be pulling you toward putting your marriage on the line.
Cheating alternative: "Start finding ways to share thrills with your partner," says Kerner. "From scary movies to roller coasters to skydiving class to calling in sick to work together and playing hooky, find ways to vary your routine, introduce thrills and enjoy the sex that can come after."

5. You're no longer attracted to your spouse. If your significant other has gained weight or simply stopped taking pride in his appearance, it can be difficult to see him in a sexual way. 
Cheating alternative: Suggest taking a walk together after dinner or preparing healthy meals together. This way you can get your spouse looking his best and spend more time together. Be sure not to put him down. "Positive encouragement will go a long way toward helping him get back to his personal best," says Britton.


6. You married young, and your interests have changed. If you got married in your early twenties, chances are you've changed a lot over the years, and you and your spouse may have grown apart. When you meet another man who feels passionate about the same things that you do, it's only natural you would gravitate toward her.
Cheating alternative: "You don't have to do everything together," says Kerner. "Great relationships require being great individuals, and you need to be able to do your own thing, have your own friends and take time for yourself. Of course, you should try to develop new common interests and activities together, but you also need the trust to grow as individuals."

7. Looking for an out of your relationship. Perhaps you've known for some time that you no longer want to be married but you're not ready to sit down and that difficult conversation. It's possible that part of you wants to get caught with another person, or that you're too scared to leave the marriage and be on your own.
Cheating alternative: Running into the arms of another man will not solve your problem -- it will only compound it. Before things can change, you have to be honest with yourself and your significant other. "Get a good therapist or coach to resolve this critical conflict," says Britton.

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