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Follow my Heart or my Mind


Okay so currently I'm single but I'm so confused about what to do? Well first off there's this guy that I dated for a few months. When I first met him he wasn't really my type but his personality as well as the way he treated me changed my mind about him. Likewise we dated for a few months things didn't really go to well. This past summer we started back talking but just as friends. We talked every night and many times a day. We attend the same college and I rarely see him but when I do all of my feelings and emotions that I have for him suddenly comes back. We flirt, and when he looks at me its like I'm the only girl he sees. We tell each other that we love one another a lot. I really do love him so very much. He is the type of person that I can be myself around, someone that will love me for me, not judge me, or try to hurt me. Only problem is I don't know if I want to tell him how I feel. That I love him so much and would want nothing more but to be with him. He makes my bad days blissful and is constantly putting a smile on my face. Words can't describe the way I feel for him. I really want to tell him but I'm afraid that he may not feel the same way. He might just want to remain friends? He tells that he talks to his family about me and that they can't wait to meet me. So I really am confused. Sometimes I feel if its really meant to be then it will happen on its own not by me forcing it. All my friends tell me that I should just talk to him and tell him how I feel but I never can find the words. I hate having words in my heart that I can't utter. Everyday I go back and forth with my heart about how I should just get over it and tell him but then comes my mind and tells me to just forget about it. So what should I do? I am very much stuck between the two!


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