Best Of The Web: Soul Mates And Chunky Men


fat man
Plus first dates and pillow talk!

On the topic of doin' it. My buddy Jack From Brooklyn questions why women who go all the way on the first date are called sluts and why the lion share of men don't mind so much but some pretend they do. Dynamite use of Venn Diagrams and a fun message.

When it comes to first dates, some are far worse than first date sexers… like the boyfriender. Love In The Dumps describes this dangerous dater's characteristics and how to let fast-moving Frida know she can pump the brakes.


The boyfriender has her eyes on one prize. Srinivasan Pillay at Huffington Post has word on the science of getting what you want. Everyone, you'll notice that withholding sex doesn't make the list. Neither does complain until you get you way.

And, finally, OKCupid has an awesome study of its users. They tookie a lookie at what people like in their personal descriptions and cross-referenced that with their ethnicity. It turns out that white people date like this and black people date like this. Anywhom, great great read.

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