Links We Love: Christian Sex And Holy Sex Toys

Links We Love: Christian Sex And Holy Sex Toys

Are Christian sex toys hot or too holy? And other links we love.

This week, there was a lot of sexy activity happening among the holies, check it out, plus 7 other links (and a video) we love this week.

Are Christians spoiling good sex with bad religion? [CNN

Praise the Lord! We have a vibrator. Christian sex shops. [The HuffPo]

If you're not careful, the pressure of debt can tear you apart. [St. Louis TodayMoney Matters

Are we too blase about divorce? If your answer is, "whatever," then you should read this. [Elle]

Christian women, do you masturbate for your husband? [ChristianNymphos]  Why Married Sex Is The Best

Celebrating the Jewish holidays? How to dodge the annoying "when are you getting married?" question. [The Jewish Week]

Maureen Dowd was a modern woman in a traditional culture and she learned a lot. [Vanity Fair]  What My Time In Qatar Taught Me About Love

Did you settle? Would you settle? Psychologist Barry Schwartz thinks settling can actually be good for a relationship. See the video below.


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