You're A Dead Woman...In The Pink Ghetto


You're A Dead Woman...In The Pink Ghetto

"So far in 2010 The New York
Times has published
Only 92 of those were of women."



I came across this startling statistic on Catalyst's
must read for anyone who is interested in global women's economic empowerment).
They in turn were highlighting a
moving and thought-provoking article in the Harvard Business Review written by
Bill Taylor
, co-founder of Fast Company magazine. What's the cause of this
obit gap? At first blush you might say - well, women live longer. But, nope,
that's not it. It comes down to the money, honey. As Bill succinctly put it,


"As a
society and business culture, we still tend to equate money with success...
Which helps to explain why so many wealthy males get New York Times obituaries,
while women who died with smaller bank accounts, but who may have led richer
lives, don't get the attention they deserve."