wrong or right?


I have heard a story about this guy who is 33, with a wife and 3 kids, and he met a junior in high school when she came over with his nephew.  He immedietly liked her and got her number to hang out.  She hung out with him and messed around supposedly.  Then she totally ignored him because she felt guilty.  He kept texting her every couple months and then she finally went and hung out with him. He talked with her for about two hours watching tv and then he started to put off sexual advances.  Though at first she rejected most of them, she has feelings for him and gave in after about an hour.  She did not have sex with him ever but she has come very close to giving in and doing it.  She finds him sexy and likes the fact that he knows how to make her feel loved and he is very sweet.  He likes the fact that she is way mature for her age and is very smart and beautiful.  It this wrong or right?


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