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just friends
Plus virtual girlfriends and performance anxiety!

My friend Simone Grant (she's a peach) has more news for the dudes: seven seriously good tips on how to pick a good online dating profile picture. I'm not trying to be uptight but I suggest against wearing a shirt that looks like the torso of a cartoon character in a bikini. 6 Tips For A Perfect Online Dating Photo

More tips for dude! has seven ways a guy can inadvertently deep-six (ruin) a nascent relationship. Also, on the for-real, don't compare new people to an ex, even when favorable. That's a can of worms full of worms. 3 Steps to Maintaining a New Relationship


Over at Lemondrop, another thing that may sabotage a new relationship: HER NUMBER. The gals of LD discuss what a good number or even an average number is for a gal to have. I would say the REAL NUMBER is the people that you've gone raw dog (sans condom) with. Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You

And, speaking of adding to your number, The Frisky has fifteen signs that you're more than just friends. I believe that friends listen to "Endless Love" in the dark, wearing just underwear, after splitting a bottle of wine.

Have a great Labor Day and pack up those culottes and flippy floppies.

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