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just friends
Plus virtual girlfriends and performance anxiety!

Well, it's time for Labor Day weekend and this means the ending of white shoes and pants. And we're off…

My pals Em & Lo ( have info on how to determine the gender of a baby during conception. If I'm not mistaken, if the woman is on top it'll be a boy. And, while we're at it, Em & Lo (still have a certain someone you are QUITE fond of on their man panel this week discussing the intersection of sex and sports. The First Conception Kit For At-Home Use


While we're discussing what guys think about sexy-time, College Candy kicks it to their resident dude with a serious quandary: what happens when my dude gets performance anxiety? Some guys can't go if someone else is watching. Is there a way to mix Viagra with Klonopin? 

And the very odd has a first-person essay that you will NOT want to see. A man walks the reader through his attempt to enlarge his penis through penis enlargement pills. Tumescence all the way around.

And more embarrassment for men… Betty Confidential has more weird news from the isle of Japan. Sometimes, it seems, real men need to take their virtual girlfriends on real vacations. Two tickets for the funny farm, good sir, nyuk nyuk nyuk. What Is Virtual Sex? (And Is It Cheating?)

Finally, something for the ladies. According to Asylum, someone has developed a vibrator for the Wii video game console. Is it sexist that I'm a little grossed out by the prospect of a motorized Fleshlight for the Wii?

Now onto something completely different, Huffington Post has one Dr. Judith Rich explain how to love a curmudgeon. Um, here's MY questions: how do you NOT love a curmudgeon? They're the best!

Speaking of curmudgeons, The Plunge has tips on what to do if your parents insist you wait longer to get married. Promising you'll be really good and clean room without being asked for three whole weeks isn't a bad place to start. Dealing With A Monster-In-Law

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