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17 Things You Should Read This Labor Day


17 Things You Should Read This Labor Day
Bored on Labor Day? We've got news from around the web to keep you interested.

Happy Labor Day! Here are 17 must-click links to put you on the right track to a stylish, love-laden fall.

10 Ways to Have Better Sex (College Candy)

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Was summer 2010 your worst summer ever (Lemondrop)

The worst dating advice from movies (All Women Stalk)

Would you wear these? (College Fashion)

Can your shoes clean the floor? (Fashion Pulse Daily)

Fall's hottest trends (Hot Beauty Health)

7 ways to transform his style (YourTango)

Fictionary: Nail Fail resulting from a cocktail (Beauty Blogging Junkie)

Jerry Lewis wants to smack WHO in the face? (The Frisky)

Fall fashion tips for curvy girls (Fa(s)t Fashion)

Can you be smart and sexy? (Already Pretty)

Forget beach reads and focus on fall books (Tressugar)

Who wore it best? (Styleite)

An open letter to my friends...who are always wrong (Crushable)

September fashion bloggers to watch (Stylecaster)

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The safe sex fashion show (video) (The Gloss)

Chanel wants to tattoo you (What's Haute)

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