Does Sex Writing Prepare You For The Sex Talk?


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The entire blogosphere knows about my sex life. But what will I tell my kids?

Somehow, being unprepared for this development in my life led to this, this sex writer thing. And I'm grateful for that. I know my body now. I know what it wants. And being in this constant state of experimentation—something my husband is more than willing to be a part of, naturally—has been great.

But while it seems as if I should now feel overprepared for the eventual sex talk with my future children, I'm not. I still wonder: how much do I share, and how much is too much? What if I tell my kids something, and they tell other kids, and I'm then approached by angry parents who feel I'm revealing too much? How do I know if it's too soon to share something with them, or how do I know if I'm waiting too long?


I look to educators like Logan Levkoff for examples of the right way to educate, as in this post she wrote about the time her 5 year old asked, "What if Daddy puts his penis on your vulva?" (Logan Levkoff is so my hero.) I consider the possibility that the sex talk may come even sooner than I'd like it to, especially if my kids start snooping in my naughty drawer, as these kids did in this hilarious post by Barefoot Foodie. What will I tell them? What can I tell them besides the truth?

One thing's for certain: I won't toss out the contents of my naughty drawer. And I won't go into contortions hiding those toys, either. I don't want my children thinking of sex as a deep, dark secret. I don't want them thinking that it's something bad. But I do want them to know how best to make decisions about sex in the future, and I do want them to know how to avoid having sex before they're truly ready.

Before I wrap this up, I have an offer for all the moms out there. Looking for something for your own naughty drawer, but want it to be discreet? Would you rather its discovery not lead into a Q&A on what you happen to do with your vagina? I'm giving away a Love Lipstick Vibe from Babeland to one lucky mommy out there. All you have to do to win?

Leave a comment below with the one trick you use to squeeze in sexy time as a parent.

The winner will be chosen at random next Friday, September 10.

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