Boyfriend and Best Friend dont like each other :(

Boyfriend and Best Friend dont like each other :(

Ive been dating my boyfriend for almost 8 months. I went to the beach with my girlfriend. We both got a couple numbers froms some guys. Feeling guilty i told my boyfriend everything that happened. I apologized and he said it was okay and forgave me. My girlfriend on the other hand did not tell her boyfriend at all..My boyfriend wanted to ME TO MAKE  my girlfriend tell her boyfriend. I gave her the idea that "maybe you should tell him". She hasnt. Instead my boyfriend was mad at me alll day for it. Which resulted in me almost breaking up with him. I went to talk later with him that night and he had told me that he actually had already told my best friends boyfriend about what had happened at the beach. Her boyfriend appreciated him telling and was not mad but wanted to see if his girlfriend would tell him. Before this happened i had told him NOT TOO do that but instead he went behind my back and did it anyways. I feel like its not my problem that it is between him and my best friend now.
I dont know what to do. Im stuck in the middle. I feel bad for knowing something my girlfriend doesnt know. I had asked my boyfriend NOT TO TELL HER BOYFRIEND because i thought it was her job and not his place. but he did it anyways claiming he "fixed the problem" and apologized.

I dont know what to do anymore.
My boyfriend and girlfriend dont like each other or don't wanna hang out with each other anymore. When a couple months we all happily hung out together. I want that to happen again so badly....

I was thinking i should just not be in the middle and make them contact each other to work out their problems. I want to once again hang out with both of them at the same time but idk if that would EVER HAPPEN now. I was going to stay out of it and untill they talked with each other i wouldnt talk with them. But idk if thats the right solution..

Help pleasee!

one very concerned and confused girl.


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