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HotOrNot.com Goes Mobile!


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Let a stranger with an iPhone judge, find AND date you.

Picture this: The year—2009. The location—Away From Home, Any Town, USA. The cast—you. The dilemma—Do I (you) look super hot and worthy of someone's affection

Back in those days, you would've had to either 1) ask a stranger, 2) possess inner-confidence or 3) trust a mirror, God forbid.*

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However, those three options are inherently flawed: in person a stranger will tell you that you look nice out of fear of rudeness or want of ending their dry spell; you haven't had actual self-confidence since the saleswoman at The Limited suggested you try those culottes the next size up because baby, they run small; and mirrors are distortions of reality, never to be trusted since their cousin, shiny water, took down your boy Narcissus back in the day.

What's a self-conscious gal (or guy!) to do now that we're in the year 2010? Funny you should ask… very funny.

According to Recombu, HotOrNot.com has gone mobile! The website known for letting total strangers determine how you feel about your looks and, in all likelihood, your total self-worth now has an app for the iPhone. In addition to letting you upload a photograph of yourself (ideally doing the duckface) and have people judge it, the application ALSO lets you check out the photographs of people in your vicinity AND judge their looks (plus alert them that you're interested in dating). Yep yep yep, the HotOrNot.com app allows you to pre-judge a person's looks and try to meet them.

The premier version of the application goes for about $46 for a 3-months subscription. 5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship

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What do you think about mobile dating apps? Sound like a chance for some stalker-ation?

*Or post a pic to Facebook or… 

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