Tiger Woods' Take on Elin Nordegren's Interview

Tiger Woods' Take on Elin Nordegren's Interview

Woods reacts to Elin's revelations about his cheating scandal and her decision to divorce him.

Tiger Woods' now ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, finally broke her silence, talking to People about the the golfer's extramarital affairs and the ensuing divorce, in what she said will be her one and only interview. Nordegren, who comes off as a total class act in the article by the way, told the magazine she's still grieving the end of her marriage, but is ready to move forward with her life. 

So how does Woods feel about his ex going public with her side of the story? Courtesy of Golf.com, here's what he had to say to reporters: "I wish her [Elin] the best in everything. You know, it's a sad time in our lives. And we're looking forward to—in our lives and how we can help our kids the best way we possibly can. And that's the most important thing."

Say what? Seems Tiger got a little choked up and wasn't sure how to respond. Although the disgraced golfer looked like he had been through hell and back, we're still not convinced of his sincerity. After all, if he really wanted what was best for his wife and two kids, why did he have all those affairs in the first place? It looks to us like Tiger's just sad he got caught, and we wonder if his golf game was doing better, if he would even be that upset about the divorce. In fact, when he was asked whether playing golf admist all this drama was more difficult than he anticipated, Woods complained about pesky reporters hurting his concentration, not about losing his wife and breaking apart his family.

"It was, certainly. Because being asked questions all the time, even after—even as the tournaments are going I've been asked questions while we're playing. And that's always difficult. And especially when I'm trying to work on a few things, trying to find shots in order to get around the golf course, and to have to talk about other things."

Sorry Tiger, but we're having a little trouble feeling sorry for you or your golf game right now. So yeah, Woods' stock continues to plummet in our books, while Elin's is only going up. After hearing her side of the story, it's clear that the golfer really had himself the total package—brains, beauty and poise—and we may not have known it until now, but he certainly did, even if he didn't value it until now. But with her looks, smarts and grace, we're sure Elin will have no trouble finding a man who will actually appreciate her. As for Tiger's future love life, we remain extremely skeptical. Elin Nordegren: 'I've Been Through Hell'

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