He Doesn't Want Kids. Should I Stay With Him?


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What to do when your partner doesn't want kids and you do.

I started dating this guy two months ago. He's everything I've always thought I wanted, that I can tell at this point. He's sweet, affectionate, generous with his emotions, funny, and we can talk for hours. And so far he adores me just as much as I think I do him. BUT… I cannot shake the feeling that there's something off. My problem is that I can't tell if it's just that I am really not that used to dating nice guys (the last three prior to him were douchebags) or if it's that we don't click romantically and there's just lust sustaining that part of the relationship. If I let him go, what if it's the former and I'm just too wrapped up in the image I've formed of what "THE" relationship would look like to recognize it. He's everything I thought I always wanted. My friends tell me to just get over myself and go with it and it'll be fine. Help ... —Fixated on the Fantasy The Frisky: Is He The One?

I don't understand. If he's everything you thought you wanted, why would you be in such a rush to end things with him? It's one thing if you've already figured out how you feel about him and you're just not into him romantically. It's quite another if you're still getting to know him and seeing what's there between you. I can't tell if you're afraid of leading the guy on or, like our first letter writer today, you're afraid of investing time and emotions only to be disappointed if/when things don't work out. But if you're undecided about the guy, why not keep dating him until you're sure how you feel? I mean, the guy's not asking you to make a lifetime commitment to him at this point, right? You're just taking things one day at a time and I don't see any reason from what you've shared to stop doing just that. Yes, continuing to date this guy means opening yourself up to the potential pain of breaking up or the awkwardness of letting someone down, but isn't the risk worth knowing whether you made the right decision in the end? If nothing else, this dating experience will help you realize that relationships aren't about recognizing some image you've always had of what things SHOULD look like, but recognizing the power of your own feelings to lead you in the right direction. So, go ahead: let them lead you. The Frisky: 15 Signs You're Just Friends


Written by Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky.

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