We Waited For Marriage


young couple hanging out on a bed with their legs up
How abstinence shaped a couple's marriage.

I often feel I was abstinent by accident and then was lucky enough to meet a good man, who takes his commitments seriously. But our mutual lack of a complicated sexual past has given our relationship a solid foundation. I trust my husband implicitly. Just like he took his abstinence pledge seriously, I know he is committed to our marriage.I realize that fidelity and trust and passion exist in a relationships where couples haven't chosen to be abstinent. And relationships where both couples were abstinent, can be marred by regrets, confusion and unhealthy attitudes toward sex. But if I could go back and do things differently, I wouldn't. I love that we share sex with no one but each other. Every new course we chart, we chart together. Abstinence worked for us. The 36-Year-Old Virgin

Are you saving "it" for marriage?

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