Best Of The Web: One-Night Stands & Pregnant Men!


Best Of The Web: One-Night Stands & Pregnant Men!
Plus beer goggles, love triangles and pot-smoking celebs.

Dating morons is hard, as is dating in general. wants to help. They list four dates that sound like good ideas, strip 'em down, show you their warts and give alternatives. Note: showing off your warts on a date is a bad idea. 



I don't mind a date that has a little bit of back-and-forth, repartee and so forth. Glo has tips on how to be competitive with a loved one and not totally blow it. Are You Too Competitive With Your Guy?


But sometimes you do totally blow it. Doublas Labier, for the Huffington Post, has reason why failed relationships are good for you. Sometimes they help you lose weight and sometimes they make you appreciate The Smiths.

On the topic of post-breakup beeswax, Leftos has a good question: how do you ask an ex if they're dating? Yikers, moving on ain't easy.

Love triangles ain't easy either, but a little crazy does get the blood a-boiling. Guyism has the best 9 fictional man-friendly love triangles. I am SHOCKED that Y Tu Mama Tambien didn't make the cut. Threesomes: A User's Guide

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