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Study: Poor Men Are More Likely To Cheat On You


And yet another reason why to marry a man with money.

Now we know male freeloaders are doing with all that free time. Lemondrop: Why I Want to Be the Breadwinner in My Relationship

According to a new studyby Christin Munsch, a sociology PhD candidate at Cornell University, guys who make less than you do are five times more likely to make it with someone else.

The study examined a national sample of married or cohabiting couples between the ages of 18 and 28, between the years of 2001 and 2007. Lemondrop: The Key to a Happy Marriage Isn't in Your Genes (Phew)

Then Munsch compared not only their finances, but their answers to the following questions:

-- Were they still in the relationship they were in the previous year?
-- How many sexual partners had they had in the past year?
-- Had they had sex with strangers in the past year?

If the relationship was the same, but the number of sexual partners had changed, or if the partner had hooked up with a stranger, then that was cheating, said Munsch.

Before you go home and get all in Mr. Mom's face, know that straying was fairly rare: 3.8 percent of men and 1.4 percent of women admitted to tapping someone they don't file taxes with. Lemondrop: You Told Us -- The Biggest Money Issues You Have With Men

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop.




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