8 Hot Celebrity Single Mothers


8 Hot Celebrity Single Mothers
These famous ladies decided to take on motherhood on their own, and it looks great on them.

Sandra Bullock

Well, Sandra didn't exactly plan to be a single mom, but as her adoption of baby Louis was in the works, ex-husband Jesse James's increasingly insane cheating scandal broke—and she was on the campaign trail for her first Oscar. And we thought we were busy. Sandra finalized the adoption as a single parent and brought Louis home from New Orleans in January, but kept his existence a secret until late April. Now she's raising that adorable boy in Texas, and honestly, OMG he's just so damn cute we want to pinch his fat little cheeks. Sandra Bullock Is Getting A Divorce And A Baby


Padma Lakshmi

The Top Chef hostess announced her pregnancy in October 2009, and it was a triumph for Padma—she'd suffered years of painful endometriosis, which can cause infertility, and had no children with her husband of three years, Salman Rushdie. Her daughter, Krishna, was born in February, and Padma initially tried to keep the father's identity a secret, but People and The New York Post later confirmed that venture capitalist Adam Dell was the father. Regardless, there are a whole lot of Top Chef fans who are deeply grateful to wee Krishna for Padma's motherhood-enhanced assets, as they're the most interesting things about season seven (we miss you, Kenny). Gastrosexuals

Sheryl Crow

After Sheryl Crow's three-year relationship with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong ended because the deafening boom of her biological clock was freaking him out (seriously, he said that, and then two years later went on to have a fourth child with his girlfriend), she made the leap into parenthood on her own, adopting son Wyatt in 2007. She brought home a brother named Levi for Wyatt earlier this year, and just look at that cuddly little Wyatt. Aww. The Truth About Men With Only One Ball

Calista Flockhart

Brothers & Sisters actress Calista became a mother in 2001 when she adopted son Liam, but she wouldn't stay a single mom for long. Calista began dating Harrison Ford the following year—when she spilled wine on him at the Golden Globes—and he and Liam developed a warm relationship, with Harrison saying in 2008 that he wanted to adopt Liam as well. Harrison and Calista married quietly in June and she became stepmother to his four older children (fun fact: Calista was born the same year Harrison got married for the first time. Impress your friends at bars with that). He also has three grandchildren, and together the Flockhart-Fords seem very happy and mellow. 7 Celebrity May-December Couples

Angelina Jolie

Like Calista, Angelina became a single mother on her own and then added a dad to the family later. Angie adopted son Maddox, now nine, in 2002 as her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was ending, and the two cut a rakish figure as they traveled the world together, Angelina the tattooed wild child movie star and Maddox the most stylish mohawked baby in the world. Angelina made the decision to adopt daughter Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005 with Brad Pitt, who would later adopt both children himself, and together they adopted another son, Pax, in 2007 and have three biological children. As you know. Because they're the most famous multi-culti unmarried traveling circus family in the entire world.

Photo of Angelina, looking very Octomom-ish, and Zahara via Bauer-Griffin.