Neil Patrick Harris To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?


Neil Patrick Harris To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?
Will the expectant father leave Hollywood to raise his new family?

After all, the dad-to-be was already saving lives as Doogie Howser, MD when the rest of us were just playing doctor on the playground. Plus, rumor has it that David and Neil are also going to be busy with wedding planning soon. And according to PopEater's informant, Neil plans to be a very involved dad. "He is the driving force in the relationship and seems to make all the big decisions..." (Guess we know who will be the disciplinarian in this family!)

Regardless of who ends up staying home with the kids, we're super excited for the proud papas-to-be. We just hope that if Neil does decide to take some time off after the babies are born, he won't stay away for too long.


Photo via Bauer-Griffin.