How To Survive The Day When You're NonMonogamous

How To Survive The Day When You're NonMonogamous

So, 24 hours can be a long time to spend alone when you're not on the best of terms with your main partner or a lover. Ah, what to do when you are fuming or dwelling or wondering what the next step to take is?

Well, if you are able, do not fume, dwell or even wonder. Simply enjoy what is before your very eyes.

What do I mean by this?

Connect to what is going on around you. Connect to the lady who is crossing the street. Observe her walk, her clothes, her accessories. Eavesdrop on conversations on the bus or subway. Tune into what people are talking about across from you. And if you dare, contribute a compliment or something positive to their conversation. Smile at a kid. Pet a dog. Examine some brick.

Just do it.

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