I Told Him He Had A Small Penis


men with pants down
Size matters: why is telling a man he has a small penis such a terrible thing to say?

Apparently, it's so bad that men are less likely to buy condoms in their actual size if they fall on the lower end of the endowment spectrum. This has prompted manufacturers to consider labeling condoms size "large" and up—might I suggest "grande" for small, like at Starbucks?—so men aren't bashful about buying the smaller sizes. The Condom Commandments

All I can say personally is that my former beau and I eventually became good friends, and he told me that my comment seriously screwed him up. I assured him that his disco-stick was perfectly fine, but he still had doubts. I felt bad. I hadn't meant to crush his ego, just deflate it a little. In the future, will I strike below the belt? Probably not, now that I know they're more self-conscious than we think.

Have you ever insulted a man's penis? What happened?

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