How Drinking Saved Our Marriage


Drinking wine brought us closer together. What would we do once I got pregnant?

So I pitched Inside Jersey with an idea for The Ultimate NJ Wine Tour, and they were all for it. My husband and I then proceeded to visit all 33 New Jersey wineries registered through the NJ Wine Growers' Association, in addition to wine shops, restaurants and bars. We even took part in a wine making class. We traveled across New Jersey together, covering every single wine spot in three, frenetic months. We shared glasses of pinot noir on outdoor patios. We crushed grapes together. On one marathon of a day, we even went to seven wineries. At the sixth one, they were hesitant to serve us. Possibly because I had used my husband's wine glass as a dump bucket at the previous five wineries, and he was obviously blitzed.

We spent every single weekend together over the course of those three months, immersed in this shared interest of ours, and it revitalized our marriage5 Simple Hobbies That Can Help Couples Reconnect


Nowadays, we still enjoy the occasional tasting and, most weeks, we pour each other some wine and cook together. It's a way to keep connected, even though we're still hopeless workaholics.

This will all end once I get pregnant. In fact, this one book I'm reading—Eating for Pregnancy—cautions against alcohol consumption (even in the form of cough syrup) when you're still just trying to get pregnant. Because, well, YOU MIGHT BE PREGNANT ALREADY AND JUST NOT KNOW IT, YOU SELFISH ALCOHOLIC! This book scares me, and I can feel it looking at me disapprovingly from its spot on the shelf because, not only do I still have the occasional drink, but I also don't have enough iron in my diet, or folic acid, or omega-3s, and dear lord I don't even know what omega-3s are! How To Make A Baby (And Enjoy Trying)

And though there are plenty of stories out there on how the occasional drink won't hurt your unborn child, I'd prefer not to feel the judgmental glare of paranoid mothers everywhere burning a hole through my cheap maternity-wear.

So will we fall back into our disconnected, pre-wine snob ways once I get pregnant?

I have my fingers crossed that we won't. After all, there will be a nursery to decorate. Supplies to purchase. An ever-expanding stomach for my husband to make fun of. I will be able to experience the joy of lolling about on the couch, demanding Fla-Vor-Ice and shrimp fajitas because, well, I have cravings. There will be the shared anticipation of a child, for god's sakes. And shouldn't that be enough?

How did your relationship change once you got pregnant?

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