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Depression is much, much more than "just" being sad or being in a state of sadness.
At times, when we are unable to deal with stress and problems we begin
to feel anxious or depressed. In general, with passage of time and
working with a trained therapist, depressed feelings will subside.

Some things associated with depression include:
restlessness, irritability, thoughts of death, suicide, suicide
attempts, insomnia, early morning waking, oversleeping, changes in
appetite are linked to a weight gain or a weigh loss.decreased energy,
fatigue, physical and mental sluggishness, feeling guilty, worthless,
pessimism, helplessness, persistent sadness.

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Depression is far too dangerous to keep it a secrete!

Don't let pride or anything else stand in your way, you deserve to feel better!

Most cities have community mental health centers that offer services at a
discounted rate. And for anyone really needing to speak with a
therapist, contact your doctor for a referral, try dialing 211 ( in some areas this is a free social service call ).  If you're feeling suicidal

In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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